Miz Ann Puts the “Help” in its Place

“You people.” Is there any phrase that sounds quite as superior and condescending? Remember the flap when our governor told state Senator Nina Turner “We don’t need your people”? It dismissively sweeps aside a swath of people as being inferior, unimportant and irrelevant, being “other.”

And remember when breathless pundits proclaimed that Ann Romney was going to be her stiff, humorless, thin-skinned husband’s “secret weapon,” that she was going to “humanize” him? Unfortunately for them — and for Romney — Ann has turned out to be a sharp-focus amplification of her husband’s own sense of superiority and entitlement, and his lack of any sense of obligation or responsibility to the people and country he thinks it’s his “turn” to run. I’m working hard not to use the “b” word, but it’s difficult when you are dealing with someone so condescending and mean-spirited, so assured that she deserves every bit of her wealth and privilege just for her brilliance of having been born into it.
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Husted on Track to Eclipse Ken Blackwell as Ohio’s Worst Secretary of State

Last weekend, we posted about Jon Husted’s decision to limit in-person early voting to weekday business hours — when many working people cannot get there.

Although it’s the legislature and not Husted that pulled the dirty trick that repealed HB 194 yet kept in place the blackout of early voting the three days prior to the election — the three heaviest days — Husted has defended the maneuver. And now the Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party are suing to restore that block of voting time.…

Now we are hearing that even as the Republicans secretly plot to defeat Voters First Ohio — creating fair, logical districts via a nonpartisan citizen commission — with money and lies should it get on the ballot (see our earlier post:…), they’re trying to head that off at the pass, with Mr. Husted leading the drive to keep it off the ballot and save the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce millions of dollars that they can then spend spreading more lies about Senator Sherrod Brown.
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Angela Zimmann (Oh-05) Snags Women’s Campaign Fund Endorsement

“Hey, Fayette, Ohio — how’s Bob Latta working out for you?”

The Women’s Campaign Fund, a 38-year-old nonpartisan group dedicated to backing quality woman candidates for office, has announced its latest round of congressional endorsements.

Among the four women is Angela Zimmann, who is taking on incumbent Bob “Who?” Latta in Ohio’s 5th district in Northwest Ohio.

Zimmann is on the faculty at Bowling Green State University; she’s also a Lutheran minister. And although she has talked a little too much for my taste sometimes about being an independent voice who doesn’t always agree with Democrats (so what? Focus on putting the needs of regular working people first and letting party politics fall where they may) and is a little off-base on the national debt (why do people fall for this?), she’s no Blue Dog. She’s a supporter of labor, education, expanded veterans services, and protecting Social Security and Medicare. She’s pro-choice, a Women’s Campaign Fund requirement, which is why you won’t see them endorsing too many Republicans these days despite being nominally nonpartisan.
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Destroying Ohio Democracy While Claiming to “Protect the Vote”

Yesterday, former New Hampshire Gov. John E. Sununu caused a stir by saying, while acting as a spokesman for Mitt Romney, “I wish this President would learn how to be an American.”

To today’s Republican, being an “American” clearly means nurturing a deep loathing of our democratic system of government and of encouraging participation by all citizens. They love to wave flags and talk about their deep reverence for the Constitution, but that’s all either hypocrisy or irony.

(See my previous post:…)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Ohio Republican Party, as distasteful, corrupt and un-American an institution as exists anywhere. Its sole reason for existing seems to be to cut citizens out of the process as much as possible in as many ways as possible.

Right now, the ORP is freaking out because it looks increasingly like Voters First Ohio — which would bring fair, balanced district drawing to the state — WILL be on the ballot in November. VFO turned in 450,000 signatures — more than the 385,000 required to get on the ballot — by the July 3 deadline. Republicans are frantically working to disqualify as many as possible. VFO is working equally feverishly to collect more to replace them, as allowed by law. I can’t turn around these days without running into a circulator from Voters First Ohio.
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Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Rallies the Troops on Voter Suppression

These ladies are pissed — and with good reason (l to r: Nina Turner, Sandra Williams, Marcia Fudge)

The other day I spotlighted Secretary of State Jon Husted’s egregiously partisan decision to limit voting opportunities for the citizens of Cuyahoga County.

The county board of elections had split along party lines, with Democrats Sandy McNair and Inajo Chappell voting in favor of maintaining extended in-person early voting hours as in other recent elections, and Republicans Deborah Sutherland and Jeff Hastings voting to curtail them, limiting them to weekday business hours. Husted cast the tie-breaking vote.

This morning Congresswoman Marcia Fudge gathered elected officials, pastors, labor leaders, and citizens in front of the county Board of Elections building at Euclid and E. 30th to send a message to Husted, as well as to Sutherland and Hastings: shame on you for rolling back voting rights granted in recent elections and turning back the clock.

“Why now?” she asked, responding with a sports metaphor. “They’re trying to shave off two, three, four points. In the 2008 election, the President won by four percentage points. If they can shave four points, they can win.”

Republicans have given feeble justifications like cost (democracy is too expensive!) and providing similar voting opportunities for all voters — regardless of whether the needs of voters in urban Cuyahoga County remotely resemble those of voters in, say, rural Darke County.

But State senator Nina Turner and state representative Sandra Williams articulated what most of the assembled group were likely thinking.
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Jon Husted: Enemy of Democracy

Back in 2004, Ohio voters favored John Kerry over George Bush for the presidency. Very likely, they currently favor President Obama over secretive, contemptuous rich guy Mitt Romney, who believes rules don’t apply to him and government should serve only the ultra-wealthy.

That leaves the GOP with the same option they took in 2004: prevent as many people from voting as possible in groups that tend not to vote Republican — like the voters in heavily Democratic Cuyahoga County.

And the un-American, anti-democracy forces in Ohio have a friend in Secretary of State Jon Husted, who this week cast the deciding vote to block Cuyahoga County from offering in-person early voting outside regular business hours — when most people with a job cannot get there. The Cuyahoga board, of course, split along party lines, with Democrats voting to expand access and Republicans voting to limit it.

Given the vast number of poor working people in the county and its overwhelming Democratic tilt, this is clearly about trying to rig the election by making voting as difficult as possible for the county’s left-leaning voters. It follows the acrobatic and dubiously constitutional feat performed by the state legislature to block early voting the three days before the election — the heaviest voting days.
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“Josh Mandel Says He Knows Way to More Jobs”

So reads a headline in this weekend’s Canton Repository:…

No, don’t get all excited and think that The Empty Suit has actually come up with a substantive economic plan that will work. In fact, those of you with even a smidgen of political sophistication have probably already figured out what this so-called “way to more jobs” is.

OK, some of you are probably guessing “lower taxes on corporations and rich people.” I’m sure that’s coming. No, this article is about the other half of that failed Republican “plan” for creating jobs (for wealthy CEOs, that is): get rid of those pesky regulations that protect the public from predatory, polluting corporate monsters that simply want legalized all the laws they are breaking — the ones that protect people like us and that (theoretically anyway) protect smaller businesses from the unlevel playing field that favors the monsters.

But here, Mandel is nobly standing up for the right of his campaign don … I mean, JOB CREATORS … to poison our air and pay no cost.
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It’s Like RMoney is Mocking Voters

I’ve been following the steady stream of revelations about Mitt RMoney’s financial dealings and his desperate, flailing efforts to continue to conceal them and to brand demands for more transparency on his part as somehow below-the-belt, or “disgusting” as one of his spokespersons said.

Considering that the electorate is supposedly up in arms about the robbery perpetrated on ordinary working people by the big banks and Wall Street, I’m astonished that RMoney still has an allegedly viable candidacy. He seems to me to epitomize everything people are angry about right now — the income chasm, the lack of fairness in how and what people are compensated for, the way the whole system is rigged against people who work for a living. (Remember RMoney has claimed to be “unemployed” since 2007, yet has made in excess of $20 million a year).

I can only imagine the uproar if a Democratic presidential candidate refused to release their tax returns for all but a couple of cherry-picked years. Or if it came out that a Democrat had stashed money away in Cayman Islands and Swiss bank account, which exist primarily for the purpose of dodging taxes. Or claimed to have all his money in blind trusts, only now it’s come out that moves were made with his full knowledge and consent — some of them recently and transparently to make him look “cleaner” for his presidential run.
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