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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

News and Notes: The National Scene

Afternoon update:

Obama Runs Inspirational Ad in Iowa - Slick biographical ad portrays him as the candidate who can bring unity and replace fear with hope. Watch it here.

Romney Questioned About Sons' Lack of Military Service - Asked at a campaign stop in Iowa whether any of his five sons were enlisted in the military and what they were doing to help support the war on terror, Mitt Romney said that they were supporting America by helping to get him elected, and that "my sons are all adults ... They’ve made their decisions about their careers and chosen not to serve in the military and I respect that decision." Romney himself escaped serving in Vietnam through a deferment. The questioner has blogged the experience.

Clinton Target of Massive Smear Campaign? - Akron native Dan Moldea, famous as Larry Flynt's investigator for uncovering sexual secrets of public servants, said to Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post:
"I have it on very, very good authority that major opposition research has already been conducted on Bill Clinton, and it's going to be a massive smear campaign against him," he says. A group of former intelligence officers, he says, is "going to try to cripple Hillary through Bill."
South Carolina To Move Primary Ahead of Florida - Responding to Florida's bid to move its primary up to January 29th, South Carolina will advance its own contest from February 2nd to January 19th. Will Iowa or New Hampshire respond by moving up as well?

AFL/CIO Makes No Endorsement At This Time - In the wake of last night's Democratic candidates forum, the AFL/CIO has announced that it will make no endorsement now, reflecting a lack of consensus among member unions, which can proceed with endorsements on their own.


At August 9, 2007 3:27 PM , Anonymous said...

Check S. LaTourette's contributions, too.
Looks like $2,000 in O6 from Murray. Might be lots more.


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