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Friday, August 3, 2007

OH-1 & OH-16: Driehaus (D) and Boccieri (D) Rated Among 10 Best Recruits

Chris Cillizza of the Wahington Post blog "The Fix" today lists the ten best House candidate recruitments by both parties, assessed on the basis of "candidate skills, fundraising ability, national party support and the type of district in which they are running." Two of these stars are from Ohio, both Democrats:
OH-2: "[State Rep. Steve] Driehaus is off to a sound start, raising $166,000 in his first three months as a candidate and banking $157,000. Geography is everything for Driehaus; his electoral base is in the western part of the district and Democrats believe he can cut into [Rep. Steve] Chabot's margins there. ..."

OH-16: "On paper, [State Sen. John] Boccieri is an ideal candidate to take on Rep. Ralph Regula (R) ... Boccieri played semi-pro baseball before joining the Air Force. The question is whether Boccieri will run be running against Regula, who has held the district since 1972 [and] is at the head of almost every list of potential retirements we've seen. Regardless, Boccieri, who raised $156,000 between April 1 and June 30, will have a good chance to come to Congress."
Another strong Democratic recruit in Ohio, Appellate Judge William O'Neill (D) in OH-14, did not make the list.

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At August 3, 2007 8:34 PM , Earl said...

Darn straight.


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