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Friday, August 3, 2007

US Anti-Heroin Efforts in Afghanistan "Unrealistic"

You know that $420 million that the US committed this year to a program to combat the resurgence of the heroin popply crop in Afghanistan? Forget about it. A new government report concludes that it's goals are hopelessly unrealistic, and the 2007 crop is likely to exceed the enormous 2006 crop.

Way to step up and prevail in the war on terror, Bush administration!



At August 6, 2007 3:01 AM , Anonymous said...

How does anyone expect to get rid of the poppies over there. Thats laughable. That kind of money should go towards edgucating the children preventing them from wanting the drug. Minimizing the customer demand is cheaper than trying to stop the growing in another country. How would you even start something like that? oh, thats right no one knows, thats why its not started. Edgucation, medical, rehabe, etc. If we get people off it than they dont buy. Anyway, I dont want to condem the use of heroin for adults who use but Im sure those adults wish they never started.


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