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Thursday, August 9, 2007

What Local Ohio Races Are You Watching?

Bonobo at Blue Bexley has an intriguing post up today, listing the people who have pulled petitions for Bexley mayoral and city council races. Coincidentally, I spent some time yesterday visiting county party and board of elections web sites, and googling for media stories, trying to assemble a list of significant mayoral elections on the ballot in Ohio this year. I'd like to have a resource of names and websites to track these races more closely as November approaches.

Unfortunately, I find that the info isn't so easy to compile! The county party and BOE sites are very inconsistent and not necessarily up to date. So, naturally, I'm turning to you. What races are you following this fall? I picked mayoral races as a starting point, but I'm also curious what city council, city officer, judicial, school board, or special elections are on peoples' minds as well.

Here is my list of mayoral races, so far (including Bexley, thanks to Bonobo) -- please let me know what to correct and what to add! Asterisks indicate incumbents:
Mayoral Races

John M. Brennan
William G. Harvey
Travis M. Irvine
Robyn, Jones
Matt Lampke
Bill Minckler
Scott E. Weinblatt
Eugene P. Weiss

* Janet Weir Creighton (R)
Rep. Bill Healy (D)

* Mike Coleman (D)
Bill Todd (R)

* Richard Homrighausen (R)

* Bill Grace (D)
John Howard (R)
Timothy Quinn (I)

* Tom George (D)
Councilman Ryan Demro (R)
Councilman Ed FitzGerald (D)

* David Smith (R)

* Mike Walsh (D)
Steve Shatz (R) (?)

John Romoser (R)
Councilman Tony Krasienko (D)
Paula Tobias (I)

Doug Verslaw (R)
Don Culliver (D)
Bill Anliker (I)

North Royalton
Council President Robert Stefanik
Councilwoman Denise Bobulsky
David Perry

North Ridgeville
Anthony Nici (D)
David Gillock (R)


At August 12, 2007 9:56 AM , Pho said...


Maverick Democrat Joe Finley is taking on entrenched incumbent Don Plusquellec in the Sept. 11 primary.


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