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Thursday, September 6, 2007

News and Notes: Ohio

I will not be posting much, if anything, until next Tuesday, September 5th, while I attend to some family matters. Meanwhile, some good things to note:

Strickland Denies Scurrilous Report of Racist Remarks - Bill Sloat has all the details at The Daily Bellwether. Long story short, right wing radio hotheads falsely accused Gov. Ted Strickland (D) of making racist remarks about Sen. Barack Obama (D), right wing blogs spread the smear far and wide, and Strickland has angrily denied the accusation and says he is looking into suing for libel. Enough said. An ugly, nasty episode perpetrated by dishonorable people.

Joy Padgett To Retire - The Columbus Dispatch reports that the State Senator from Coschocton, who was an unsuccessful Lieutenant Governor candidate and also failed in her bid to succeed disgraced Congressman Bob Ney (R), will not seek re-election. State Rep. Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) will run for her seat. I'm hoping that City Councilperson Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) will decide to make another run for Stewart's 92nd House District seat. She lost by just a few votes last time out.

Brunner To Seek Approval For Electronic Voting Machine Tests
- As noted on the Cleveland Plain Dealer blog Openers today, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D) will seek approval from the State Controlling Board on Monday to spend $1.2 million on scientific testing of electronic voting machines. The people involved in the testing include firms based in Columbus and Denver and academic specialists from three universities and an outfit in California. Brunner has said that she does not expect to find problems with the machines, which have been tested previously in various ways, but similar tests order by a newly elected Democratic secretary of state in California found multiple problems and resulted in restrictions against certain types of voting machines.

Police Say Nothing Suspicious About Death of Rep. Gillmor - They are still waiting for the autopsy results, but the police have announced that there is no sign of foul play.


At September 7, 2007 9:00 AM , Dave Hickman said...

I believe you've misrepresented "right wing blogs" as if they are the only bloggers who create "ugly, nasty episode(s) perpetrated by dishonorable people." This issue is much much more complex.

I deeply and adamantly believe that the blog bashers of the psuedo-left are just as bad, namely the BS Blog, PlunderDUMB and any blog who still accepts posts and comments from Tim Russo.

Governor Strickland may open up a "libel" can of worms that could be the demise of most every schlack scumbag blogger on both the right AND the left.

If Strickland filing suit will get rid of Jerid Kurtz, Eric Vessels and Tim Russo any sooner (in some indirect way), then I support Strickland's desire to sue. If Strickland is ONLY going to spin it as if the right wing blogs are the sole evil, then I would believe his lawsuit threats to be disingenuous.


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