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Monday, September 24, 2007

Now Blogging at ... "Wide Open"

Starting today, I join three other Ohio political bloggers as regular contributors to a new group blog, sponsored by Cleveland.com and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, called "Wide Open." The name builds on the name of the Cleveland.com politics page ("Open"), and is meant to convey that the site is reaching out to the Ohio blogosphere.

The name also suggests, correctly, that the four participating bloggers represent divergent political perspectives. Jill Miller Zimon (of Writes Like She Talks) and I are on the left, Dave (of Nixguy) and Tom Blumer (of BizzyBlog) are on the right.

So far as I know, this new group blog is novel in both respects: outside bloggers commenting on the news at a group site hosted by a news source, and bloggers of opposing political stripe squaring off on a daily basis in a single forum.

As for us bloggers, an important part of our agreement to participate in this project is that the editors at The Cleveland Plain Dealer will not censor or edit our submissions. Also, we are under no obligation to praise or to avoid criticizing Cleveland.com or The Cleveland Plain Dealer. It is also significant that although we have substantial disagreements among ourselves over candidates, issues, and policy, about which we will be outspoken, we have agreed to conduct the debate respectfully.

Today I have posted at Wide Open about Attorney General Marc Dann's creative and aggressive litigation on behalf of Ohio consumers, and today's request by the ABA-sponsored Ohio Death Penalty Assessment Team that Gov. Ted Strickland impose a temporary suspension of executions and undertake further study of the problems uncovered in a 30-month study of the death penalty in Ohio. I hope that Wide Open will be an interesting and welcome addition to the Ohio blogosphere, and I look forward to reading your comments, both there and here!


At September 24, 2007 3:19 PM , Lisa Renee said...

Congratulations Jeff and I look forward to what all of you share as well as seeing what type of an impact this will have on the future of blogging and the traditional media.



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