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Monday, September 17, 2007

OH-5: Brown (R) Acknowledges Sexuality, Drops Out of Race

Hat-tip to Jerid at BSB for this item:

Wood County Commissioner Tim Brown (R) has told the Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune over the weekend that he has decided to drop his plans to enter the 5th Ohio Congressional District race after anonymous commenters on various Ohio blogs (including this one) outed him as a homosexual:
Wood County Commissioner Tim Brown said Friday evening that he decided to not run for the seat previously held by Paul Gillmor after viewing comments posted on Columbus-based Web sites targeting Brown’s sexual orientation. One such blog asks if Northwest Ohioans are ready to have a gay congressman.

“Potential adversaries who look at life in a different manner have decided to attack me on a personal basis,” Brown said. “These things should have no place in the political process.”
In the article, Brown acknowledges that he is gay and makes some comments that the GOP base does not like to hear:
[L]ate Thursday night, a Republican colleague told Brown of the anonymous blog attacks. It was then that Brown realized raising adequate funds would be impossible. It was also then that he decided to publicly talk about his sexual orientation.

“This is how I was born,” he said. “This is an orientation.”

Brown realizes that some people will view him as a “gay commissioner,” instead of a “commissioner who happens to be gay.”

In some ways, the decision to openly discuss his orientation came as a relief, Brown said, since he has wondered in the past how political adversaries might use it against him.

“I am comfortable with my orientation and have the full support of my family and friends,” he said. “It is not a secret, it is a personal matter to me and I intend to keep it that way.”

Brown emphasized that his sexual orientation in no way diminishes his effectiveness as county commissioner.
It is very telling that Brown's sexual orientation was not an issue in his campaigns for county commissioner, but arrived as a preemptive strike before he could even enter the Congressional race. Something tells me that this episode may well set the tone for the contest, and if so it is going to be ugly.


At September 18, 2007 12:13 PM , Anonymous said...

I have from good sources it was Scott Pullins website that was pushing the issue. An anonymous rumor wouldn't force a guy "out", but Scott was clearly pushing the matter and investigating it. According to his website:
"A Wood County Republican Commissioner named Tim W. Brown got himself outed online for considering a run for Congress in the now vacant Ohio 5th District. OUCH. Very high placed sources tell us the allegation is true."
Who is this high placed source? This guy is full of crap. He states "I skew libertarian on this issue and could give two hoots whether the guy is gay or not." So why even post it or look into it??? He hides behind the statement then publishes the rumor.
Scott Pullins probably is gay himself.

At September 18, 2007 6:35 PM , Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether Pullins is working for any of rhe candidates or prospective candidates in the 5th District primary?


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