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Friday, September 21, 2007

"Windustrious" Web Site and Video Promote Wind Farm Off Cleveland Shoreline

Windustrious.org is a web site created by Sarah Taylor and Dennis Yurich to promote the concept of wind turbines in Lake Erie, off the shore of Cleveland:
Cleveland [could] become, not only the first city in the U.S. to install an off-shore wind farm, but the first city in the world to install a wind turbine farm in fresh water. Wind turbines will eventually be constructed in lakes, including Lake Erie. The branding and marketing potential of being able to boast that we have created the first one on the planet, with the associated international recognition, would surely be enormous. It would translate into a powerful image of Cleveland as a progressive, productive, jobs-creating city, with a bubbling business climate, a place where young professionals will want to come and stay, and a very interesting tourist destination.

We can lead the way, or we can simply follow along, after the trend has gathered momentum elsewhere. Given our assets in infrastructure, location and historically-grounded expertise in relevant industries, one could say we had an actual responsibility, an obligation, to be at the forefront. By acting now, we could reap the tremendous business opportunities of being in the vanguard of research, development and production of the equipment that the rest of the country, and the world, will inevitably be demanding. If we reject this opportunity, and build turbines out on the lake only after others have taken the initiative somewhere else, we will be consciously throwing away not just that free marketing asset, but the economic advantages of taking a leadership role in this new technology.
In support of this effort, the site hosts this very fun video:

You can visit the site to express your support for the idea (no donations sought; statements and photographs of supporters are displayed on the site), and you can also download the video.


At September 21, 2007 2:39 PM , redhorse said...

I'm for at least exploring the idea and can't see why being out front hurts.

But still, the leap from a wind farm to a perceived "bubbling" business climate is hilarious. It reminds me of Townes van Zandt bubbling after drinking a jug of wine.


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