ALEC Tax & Budget Proposals Sound Very Familiar!

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a story out today headlined "ALEC Tax and Budget Proposals Would Slash Public Services and Jeopardize Economic Growth."

I think you'll probably recognize a lot of this:

The specific policies include deep cuts in income taxes, particularly for affluent households and corporations; a repeal of state income and estate taxes; a shift in state revenues from graduated-rate income taxes to sales taxes that are much higher than most states have today; the end of various state-based tax credits for low-income working families; a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) that would impose rigid constitutional limits on state revenues and spending; requirements that state legislatures garner two-thirds or other “super-majority” votes to raise any taxes or fees; and other mechanisms that would reduce the funds available to finance key public services.

OK, so they haven't proposed the super-majority thing yet, and TABOR, an appallingly dangerous and destructive idea, has not risen from the dead yet after Ken Blackwell's doomed float of the idea back in 2005. But the rest of it has a familiar ring. After all, Taxin' John Kasich is an obedient little ALEC mouthpiece, more about "philosophy" he's told us than practical details and problem solving.

Never mind if the "philosophy" leads to this, as described by the CBPP report:

These policies would cut taxes deeply for wealthy individuals, investors, and corporations; shift tax burdens substantially from well-to-do to middle- and low-income households; and impose strict constitutional or legal limits on revenues or spending that would severely limit states’ ability to provide adequate funds for education, health care, and other priorities, and impair state economic growth.

That's what the great philosopher Taxin' John has in mind for Ohio.

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