Angela Zimmann & husband to lead church in Jerusalem

What happens to a losing congressional candidate who ran a strong, energetic, positive campaign after the election? If you're Angela Zimmann, who ran against Bob "Who?" Latta in heavily Republican northwestern Ohio, your campaign opens a whole new door. The Bowling Green State University professor and Lutheran Minister will be heading to Palestine in February with her husband, the Rev. Martin Zimmann, where they will co-pastor the CHurch of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Zimmann told the Toledo Blade,

... part of the reason they called me was because of my political involvement. They saw the campaign, they liked what they saw, they felt like this is a person who could serve in this capacity. ... they said ‘she lost well.' They said, 'We saw a lot of grace under pressure, we saw fortitude.’

Yeah, too bad the voters of the 5th district didn't feel the same way or, more likely, were just oblivious and prone to voting party ID, as opposed to who could best serve their interests. That certainly isn't the lackluster Latta, a typical GOP water carrier for corporate interests.

Zimmann said,

I’m going there to be of service, and I don’t know what that’s going to mean. There’s pain there; what small piece can I be in the puzzle that alleviates it, not just there but internationally? For me, it’s an issue of social justice and the poor, because in my religion Jesus showed preferential treatment for the poor, and so the poor and the oppressed are the ones that need to have a special focus. To me, it seems as if that’s happening in the Middle East, and I want to go and find out what’s really happening and be there.

It's a shame the voters of the 5th district didn't see fit to send someone of this mindset to Congress. She would have been a real asset. But maybe she's have the chance to do even more good where she's going. Good luck to Angela, Martin, and their whole family!

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