Anthony Fossaceca is the choice for Ohio's 6th District

This letter is in response to the letter "Fossaceca will bring thoughtful,informed voice to Statehouse" written by Diana Nazelli.

In the twenty years that I've known "Foss" I have always been very impressed with his honesty, integrity and strong work ethic. He is a unusual candidate in that he is running for office in a time when this country is in such desperate need of statesmen. Ms. Nazelli "hit the nail right on the head" in describing what Anthony brings to the political table; he is all these qualities and more. Others who have worked with him would provide similar testimony as well.

As for his opponent it appears she prefers to follow the "party line" when voting and therefore promotes "business as usual" at the Statehouse and
we've all seen where that has led us to. Ohio's 6th District cannot continue along this precarious path but rather needs to "shift gears" and get back to what the founders intended for governmental and political
leadership; that compromise on any given issue does not in any way suggest a compromise of character.

Politics is not about the art {or science} of bringing the other person down. It is about working together towards the common goal of improving upon the quality of life for all citizens regardless of race, color, creed and political persuasion. It is for this reason that voters should choose Anthony "Foss" Fossaceca on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 because he will get the job done the right way.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH

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