Anthony Is Running Again!

I took over running this blog about a year and a half ago when Anthony Fossaceca, who took it over from Jeff Coryell in late 2008, became too consumed with his campaign for the state legislature in Ohio's 6th district (southeast suburbs of Cleveland).

Alas, despite nearly two years of knocking on doors, going to meetings, marching in parades, shaking hands and so forth, he lost in this Republican leaning district.

I just learned tonight he's going to give it another go.

You will hear from some people about an unsuccessful candidate, "Why is that loser running again?" But in reality, "that loser" is often successful on the second or third try.

First of all, candidates learn from their mistakes. They can go back and analyze why a certain message was or wasn't working, whether some activities were lower yield than expected but other activities were more productive and need to be amped up.

And second, a candidate builds name recognition by running multiple races. A good example of this is our friend, Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill. He ran for that job twice and lost. The third time was the charm. Sure, he has a nice Irish name, which helps. But he had also travelled across the state repeatedly, made a lot of friends, got himself known, got his name, his record, and his ideas out there. (Also he traded his ungrammatical slogan "No money from nobody" for the more correct "Money and judges don't mix." Same idea, better put. Maybe that relates back to my first point.)

In any case, Anthony's ready to hit the campaign trail again. And if you've been following the antics down in Columbus, you know how important this is. Although voters last November divided evenly in their votes for state House, with a slight edge to Democrats, Republicans have a huge majority. So we get to hear about abortion and defunding Planned Parenthood, and all the other garbage that the Tea Party types terrorize GOP legislators with, never mind that this isn't what most Ohioans want.

Anthony is ready to get back to work, and hopefully he is the first of many strong Democrats who step up to run in 2014.

Go here to learn more or to sign up to help:

Thanks, Anastasia! Glad to

Thanks, Anastasia! Glad to be back in the fight. The second time WILL be the charm!

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