Arrogance and Ego : How Kasich Lost

It seems like the Republican candidates in Ohio are having a hard time these days locking down support Republicans often get. Whether it's the NRA, the VFW, or some other group that traditionally endorses with a lean to the right, GOP candidates are finding themselves losing out to Democrats.

One candidate in Ohio shouldn't be complaining though. Because when you have a campaign staffer sign your endorsement request for you, you're not really showing a desire to have the group's support.

The Daily Bellwether is reporting that former Wall Street banker John Kasich not only blew off an endorsement screening with the Fraternal Order of Police, he sent a letter signed by a campaign worker.

"Mr. Kasich did not interview with the political screening committee, he did not attend the conference to make himself available to our members and answer their questions in person, as Governor Strickland and every other candidate for statewide political office did.  A letter was sent expressing Mr. Kasich's support of law enforcement, but that was not even signed by Mr. Kasich, it was signed by a campaign worker.

What is it about this guy and his distaste for people who don't sit around drinking martinis when the trading bell rings? Seriously, I've never seen someone try so hard to show people how much better he thinks he is than everyone one else in the room. John Kasich loves John Kasich. If Ohio legalized self-sex marriage, John Kasich would serve as Officiant, Bride and Groom. But while Kasich finds himself so inspiring that he gave himself a copy of his own signed book, he expects the rest of us to follow.

John, this is Ohio. We're not impressed easily. And we're certainly not impressed by your staffers. (And based on what we're hearing neither are you...but we digress...) If you want someone's support, ask for it. This is precisely why you will lose next week. You never asked for the vote. It's been one attack after another - all while you dodge the state press corps. That's not the way to earn a victory in Ohio. It's a way to earn a free trip back out of town.

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