The Best Moment of Election Night

As I spent yesterday trying to catch up and sifting what happened the night before, one stood out as positively glorious. That was the all-powerful political genius Karl Rove before whom we all quake in fear, on Fox "News," arguing that Mitt Romney is going to carry Ohio, while the state is being called for Obama.

Yeah, he's so brilliant.

He's so powerful.

He's the big, bad bogeyman we have to fear.

He's an idiot.

Honestly, toward the end of the campaign, I thought I was going to scream if I got one more panicky email from a candidate breathlessly informing us that KARL ROVE was dumping another million dollars into their opponent's campaign and PLEASE rush me $10 immediately so we can fight back. Candidates were invoking the name of Karl Rove right and left to scare their followers.

How did that work out for the invincible genius of politics and his fearful American Crossroads PAC, which spent hundreds of millions of dollars on races across the country?

Not too well. Most of his candidates lost, from Mitt Romney to Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel.

And his election night performance got him some bad press too. Here are a few links. Get a spine, people. This guy is NOT that powerful or scary. He's a blustering buffoon who is probably still sitting around waiting for Clermont and Warren counties to put Romney over the top in Ohio.

And doesn't this just break your heart:

"Conservatives turn on Karl Rove"

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