Bob Woodward’s State of Denial

HA. Bob Woodward’s situation just gets more ridiculous, and with it, he becomes more of a joke. Last night he went on Sean Hannity’s show to try to plead that he’s really not that crazy. But seriously, when you’ve been someone of Bob Woodward’s stature and you have to go on Sean Hannity to absolve yourself: you’ve failed. I mean, really think about that. What’s his next act? To pull out an empty chair and claim that it’s shouting angry tirades at him. I think we have a future act for the next Republican Convention.

So anyway, Bob Woodward, continued his assertion that the sequester was all Obama’s doing. But such an assertion would seem to absolve the Republicans for their absolutely awful behavior during that time. Even to my non political friends, it was pretty obvious, the Republicans had one goal, and that was to stick it to Obama. The Republicans obviously wanted to find a terrible “solution” to the country’s financial “problems” and find it, they did. Seriously, what was Obama supposed to do when the answer to everything was “no.” In addition, Bob Woodward, continued his assertion that the email he received from Gene Sperling had a “threatening” tone to it. As I listened to him, I kind of wondered if he sees domestic house cats as vicious animals.

The video of Woodward’s interview is posted below. But honestly, it’s not really worth watching. It offers no new or relevant information. It's just a showcase of two pathetic people. One of them trolls for any information they can use to incite their audience and the other is desperately trying to regain their dignity.

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