Boehner Hosts Romney GOTV Rally in Painesville

While President Obama appeared before a crowd of thousands in Mentor, Ohio in Lake County this morning, the Republicans hosted their own enthusiasm-boosting rally in Lake County. And look who they got to headline: John Boehner!

According to this Plain Dealer story, the event attracted 300 people — most not even from Lake County apparently — eager to learn Boehner's tanning secrets and pick up some hints about his golf swing. Or something.

It's kind of sad the way the people they interviewed spout baseless ideological talking points — government makes people dependent, Democrats spend too much, blah blah blah — that have long since been debunked by actual facts.

Adding to the "star power," Boehner brought along Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel, but maybe Boehner too is looking ahead to Mandel's defeat — and potential irrelevancy —Tuesday.

Boehner only spoke for about four minutes. He momentarily forget Mandel's name at the beginning of his speech, joking that he was going brain-dead.

We know how you feel, congressman Boehner. We all wish we could forget about Josh Mandel.

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