BREAKING : Fisher Campaign Manager Geri Prado is Out

OhioDaily has confirmed from two sources this evening that Fisher for Ohio Campaign Manager Geri Prado is out. One of the sources confirms that Fisher made the decision to relieve Prado late this morning.

She leaves the campaign after 10 months and with only 3 months until a critical primary with a Brunner campaign that continues to poll to a virtual tie.

Prado's replacement is apparently Jay Howser, most recently with Chris Dodd in Connecticut and the re-election of Mary Landrieu. Howser is expected to take the reigns tomorrow (Wednesday).

Messages to Prado were not returned at time of this posting.

OhioDaily will updates throughout the evening and tomorrow as we learn more.

But ... but ... but ....

I thought they had it all sewed up because Lee has lots and lots and lots of money!

Dodd and Landrieu? That doesn't sound good.

I have to wonder if the Fisher campaign's problems have as much to do with the campaign manager as they do with Lee's decision to avoid hard-hitting issues and not really stand strongly for anything. I don't see how a new campaign manager is going to be able to develop a strong answer for why Lee quit his director of development job or decisive stands on issues Lee doesn't want to take decisive stands on. Lee's got 30 years of experience in and around state politics. He's the one that should be guiding this.


It is obvious that Lee isn't following Geri's advice and now Lee needs to find someone else (to not listen to).

It must be difficult to be Lee's campaign manager with Lee thinking he is the smartest person in the room.

Arrogance plain and simple.

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