Canton Mayoral Race: Healy (D) Files OEC Complaint Against Creighton (R)

Mayoral challenger State Rep. William J. Healy II (D-Canton) today filed an OEC complaint against incumbent Janet Weir Creighton (R-Canton) alleging that she has misled voters by placing false statements on her campaign literature. The statements, which are attributed to Democratic city council members Donald E. Casar and Kelly Zachary, imply that the officials are endorsing her re-election bid for mayor. The officials have actually endorsed Healy.

Quotes from the city council members from the press release:

“Janet Creighton has consistently
misstated facts and misled voters into believing she has led this city toward success when that is anything but the case,” said Councilwoman Kelly Zachary (D-4th Ward). “For Janet to do something like this so late in the game shows that she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Canton voters in the dark about her track record.”

At-large Councilman Donald Casar (D) joined Zachary in condemning the mayor’s tactics, saying that he was “appalled” to see his name on her literature over the weekend.

“The quote she used as my so-called endorsement was a statement that I made two years ago to promote bipartisanship between council and the administration,” Casar said. “In no way do I support her re-election campaign.”

The Healy campaign hopes that the complaint will be heard this afternoon.

Healy files OEC complaint agaiinst Creighton

Creighton ran a dirty campaign. She should be taken to task.

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