Canton Repository Endorses Obama

Interesting to get word of this newspaper endorsement now, in light of yesterday's endorsement news about Stark County officeholders Jamey Healy and Todd Bosley:

When Stark County Democrats choose a presidential candidate March 4, they can look to the past or to the future. They should look ahead — eight months ahead as well as four or eight years. ...

On many issues ... Obama and Hillary Clinton have similar if not identical views that contrast sharply with McCain's. But Obama, not Clinton, represents the stronger contrast to McCain's position on the foreign-policy issue that most concerns Americans. As senators, both Clinton and McCain voted for the resolution that President Bush used as authority to invade Iraq. Obama has said he opposed the war from the beginning, and he has a more specific plan for withdrawing U.S. troops than Clinton does. ...

... Voters have been exposed to the ideas of a wealth of smart, articulate candidates from both parties in dozens of debates. But no candidate of either party has brought the sense of excitement and hope to the process of choosing a president that Obama has. This isn't a frivolous or trivial matter. Obama's appeal to voters black and white, young and old, male and female, is a reassuring sign that ordinary citizens are saying they want politics and governance to look and sound and feel different than they have for too long. ...

... [W]here secrecy is concerned, Obama's often-stated commitment to making government more transparent is also a hopeful contrast to the excesses of Bill Clinton's administration. ... The worst aspects of the Clinton administration now are baggage for Hillary Clinton in the primary contests [but] Barack Obama is under no such handicap. ...

Ending the war, inspiring energy and hope, changing politics and governance, transparency, putting the Clinton era behind us. Pretty good, concise list of arguments for supporting Obama.

Presidential Candidates---(Ray Fetty)

I fear for our nation,and all of the children that are
to come.If you look closely at both candidates you will
see nothing but hunger for power and each wanting
a place in the history book of the nation.They are not listening to the people of America.
Both are all about slinging mud and flip flopping
on issues.What happened to the old days of deciding the
platform that you want to run on thus letting the nation
know what you, as a candidate stand for.
Our two choices for the Oval Office are not inspiring to
me at all. I cannot commend The Canton Repository for the
stand they have taken. We do not have a good choice for
our voters to select.We need someone who is honest and
forthright in what they believe and stand for.
Ray Fetty
Navarre, Ohio

Obama can bring the change

Obama can bring the change we need and pray for. It is obvious that he has integrity, sincerity, and a true love for our great country AND more importantly, ALL the people in it. He will work hard to make sure that everyone is taken care, not just the wealthy. This truly is change we can believe in!!

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