Capri-peat : Could Ohio Senate Minority Leader Be Looking at Third Congressional Run?

About a month-and-a-half ago, we speculated about potential candidates for the U.S. Senate. At that point, we discussed Tim Ryan as a possibility and added, as a side note, a scenario where Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro could end up taking Ryan's seat in Congress.

Since Ryan's decision to stay out of the Senate race and instead endorse Lee Fisher, there has been increasing talk about Ryan taking Fisher's spot on the Gubernatorial ticket and running as Ted Strickland's Lt. Governor. Ryan, if asked to run, would instantly become the front runner for Governor in 2014. And Ryan's seat would be wide open for the taking.

Enter Capri Cafaro.

Politico's John Kraushaar makes the same assessment this week saying, "So if Ryan gets the appointment, don’t be surprised if Cafaro makes another congressional bid – and this time starts as the front-runner."

What's interesting about the article isn't what it says in the body, but rather the comments where readers toss in the names of Jim Trafficant and Marc Dann as possible candidates to challenge Cafaro. As someone who writes about politics, I'd be happy to get out of bed an extra hour earlier each morning to cover that primary.

Other Candidates

Whereas I like Capri, there are some other candidates from the Mahoning Valley you have to keep in mind...

#1: County Commissioner Anthony Traficanti
Traficanti has been chopping at the bit to run for Congress in either the 6th or 17th District since his former boss Jim Traficant went to prision.

Anthony has deep pockets and friends with deep pockets.

He has already started making the circuit tour to area Democratic clubs in the 17th making friends.

#2: Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams
Jay defeated Bob Hagan in the General Election for Mayor of Youngstown in 2005 as an Independant. He is now running virtually unopposed for re-election.

Jay has ties to the business community locally and statewide. He has built a relationship with the Governor since 2006 and has been seen more frequently with Congressman Ryan.

#3: Former County Commissioner Ed Reese
Ed Reese has been laying low since leaving the Commissioner's Office, but has made it known in many circles that he would like to be Congressman.

Those are just the names off the top of my head, but I would be surprised to see some of our House legislators get into the race as well.

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