Cinci Inquirer Slams "Budget" Bill

Even our state's conservative dailies are calling out our legislature's "budet" antics.

In an editorial titled "Ohio budget bill loaded with controversy," the Inquirer enumerates not just the attacks on women's reproductive freedom, but the ban on expanding Medicaid, the allowing of local governments to discuss economic issues behind closed doors in secrecy, and its terrible tax changes that put the burden of funding state government on less affluent citizens.

The paper says,

The budget process also spotlighted the one-party system that Ohio has turned into. With solid majorities in the House and Senate, Republicans were able to exclude Democrats from any serious budget negotiations.

Legislators should keep the budget bill for budget matters so Ohioans can have the benefit of full, open debate on how their dollars are spent.

One more example of how extreme gerrymandering has silenced the voices of the state's citizens. This legislature is to the right of probably 90% of Ohioans, and it has absolutely no checks on the damage it can do.


Cincinnati Enquirer
Philadelphia Inquirer

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