Cincy Enquirer Endorses Cordray, Pepper, Boyce

Newspaper endorsements don't seem all that relevant anymore, but this one for Richard Cordray from the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning is right on the mark and captures the race in two paragraphs.

Called upon to continue the cleanup of an office sullied and shaken by the Marc Dann scandal, incumbent Richard Cordray (D) has done an admirably even-handed, professional job as AG. The bright and soft-spoken Cordray has helped his troubled agency regain steadiness and credibility. "I told the employees we needed to bore everybody to death, which we've done," he says. Cordray takes the office's constitutional obligations in a serious and straightforward manner, though his talk of expanding it beyond its proscribed role bears careful watching.

His opponent, former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine (R), so far has offered no compelling reason for voters to make a change in this office, aside from his party affiliation. DeWine seems if anything more of a partisan operative than Cordray, and his main campaign issues - the crime lab's failings and a supposed excess of lawsuit-filing - don't have much meat to them.

It would be a real shame to have Mike DeWine back out of his voter-forced retirement. He's run two pretty nasty campaigns in a row and should retreat gracefully in these closing days. However, anyone who has watched this guy over the years can tell you he only gets dirtier the later it gets in the game. This year shouldn't be any different.

David Pepper and Kevin Boyce also received endorsements this morning from the more conservative leaning daily paper.

And yet they endorsed Kasich,

laughably crediting him with "fresh ideas." He doesn't have a single fresh idea in his entire quiver, only ones Strickland's already put into effect and one that kept Ohio behind the rest of the country for 15 years while the Republicans were in charge.

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