Come to Ohio

Invite your out-of-state friends and relations:

UPDATE: The campaign will give you everything you or your friends need: a resources page, a ride board, and free housing. All anyone has to do is sign up.

The polls now show Ohio locked up in dead heat. Voter turnout will determine the outcome in this state, and McCain can't win if Obama takes Ohio. So bring on the volunteers!

Save America Bill or misnamed Bailout Wallstreet Bill

Do you know how your reprenstive voted today. If not you should check it out. Then you will know who to blame or thanks for your misery when you can not secure that car loan, send your child to college, not be able to obtain that funding to operate your small business. Rep. Tiberi could not raise above the small minded political back baiting to cast a vote for America. He can except money from Feddie Mac and others but could not bring himself to agree to help you save your children future by voting for the bill.
If you think that this bill does not effect you, you will be rethinking that fact very soon as money becomes tighter and tighter. Educate yourself, Read the paper, study the fact, make yourself an educated voter.
Just because the banks got greedy and a lot of people made a lot of money and you did not, that it is not a problem of your making. Just think of this " just because someone else set the fire, does not mean you will not get burned, put the fire out then,asset the blame then punish the firestater

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