Congressman Looking at Tea Party Vote Suppression Group

Has any group ever been more hilariously (in a sick, sad way) named than "True the Vote"? The Tea Party group is intent on challenging and intimidated as many voters in likely Democratic-voting demographics as possible, while ginning up fears about "voter fraud," which is virtually nonexistent in groups outside of Republican elected officials (see former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White).

Now Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland wants to know whether what they are doing constitutes "a criminal conspiracy to deny legitimate voters their constitutional rights."

Good for him. He's pointing right at the Ohio branch of the group, which has been doing things like challenging students for not having their dorm room on their registration. I heard through someone I know that a bunch of Oberlin students were challenged because they registered before receiving a permanent dorm room assignment. Oberlin students would be one group Tea Partyers would walk through hot coals to prevent from voting. Unfortunately for them Oberlin students are also a highly motivated and super intelligent group that will make sure they deal with this correctly. A voter shouldn't have to be a student at a selective college to navagate the process.

Cummings sent a letter of Catjerine Engelbrecht of theOhio True the Vote group saying,

At some point, an effort to challenge voter registrations by the thousands without any legitimate basis may be evidence of illegal voter suppression. If these efforts are intentional, politically motivated and widespread across multiple states, they could amount to a criminal conspiracy to deny legitimate voters their constitutional rights.

Look: it's way past time for the media to stop acting all wide-eyed about the Tea Party and its actions, buying into the myth that this is a spontaneous grassroots group, earnestly concerned about what our government is doing and wanting to "take it back." Why would a grassroots group go after grassroots voters only in certain demographics that tend not to vote Republican? It wouldn't.

Perhaps one of the days a major media outlet will FINALLY do an investigative piece on the Tea Party and tell people that it's a well-funded, carefully managed astroturf group that has via its propaganda enlisted natural Republican constituencies to be its public face. Its voter suppression efforts on behalf of electing Republican candidates are a dead giveaway if the media needs a starting point.

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