Connie Pillich to run for Congress

DailyKos is reporting that Ohio state rep. Connie Pillich will run for Congress. They state:

”Two-term Democratic state Rep. Connie Pillich announced that she's running for Congress against either Steve Chabot or Jean Schmidt, depending on the results of redistricting. On paper, Pillich appears to be a solid candidate -- she won a tough race against a strong Republican candidate in 2008, helping Democrats win control of the Ohio House, and beat back a tea party challenge in 2010 despite a brutal environment. No matter the results of redistricting, Pillich says that she is "committed to doing this". Go get 'em!”

Rep. Pillich has shown that she is a true servant of the pubic. Whatever district she ends up running in, the people of it would be well served by her.


Was just about to post this!

The Cincinnati Inquirer — probably a better source — announced this yesterday:

I met Connie at roots Camp last year and was very impressed with her. And we definitely need more women in Congress. I hope she will end up running against Chabot as he's likely to have the more Democratic district. Clermont is the Schmidt stronghold so if that remains in her district she'll be hard to take out. On the other hand, there IS that rumor that they might put Schmidt and Boehner in the same district and Schmidt will be the Odd Man Out on the Republican side. But at this point, who knows.

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