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Vote for Smart People Not John McCain

McCain. God bless him. He served our country but he's not smart or polished enough to be president. He graduated fifth from the bottom of his class in college and he's just too old. Most Americans retire or are forced to retire when they are in their mid 60's. John McCain is 72 years old.

McCain served in Vietnam, was shot down captured and tortured. God bless him for his service to our country but it's time to retire. We can't afford another president who got less than mediocre grades in college (e.g. George W. Bush) and who has less than mediocre public speaking ability. I usually vote Republican but not this time.

Dominick from Dublin

Not Polished?Old/PEOPLE, this is an emergency!!McCi s NORMAL

I live in the inner city in NYC. I have seen the failed policies of No Child Left Behind. I have seen crime increase, reverse racism, nonsense "Afrocentric" curriculums, angry undisciplined and hating students who no amount of money can inspire or control.

I have seen what happens when people don't "Put Country First". I see everyday pregnant teens with strollers on the subway, who do not work. I see HUGE sections of Minority Interest literature, instead of classic literature that EVERYBODY can enjoy , in schools. I have seen children used in this political campaign for Obama. Even on this site I see Mama Voted for Obama.
Have you ever seen SOCIALIST REALISM books for children from the Soviet Era ? The SAME kind of thing.

I see religious people mocked openly, disrespected, and ignored. I hear about abortions every day, used as a form of BIRTH control, by those too lazy to bother to do that correctly. I see old people not given seats on the subway. I see marriage fading away and peoples first question about anything is "what's in it for me?" not willing to stick it out at the first sign of discomfort, leaving relationships. I see gender confusion spreading as alternative life styles flaunt themselves as a "CHOICE", not as a private thing. Oh, and PRIVACY is now officially a quaint thing of the past.

I see brave young men losing their lives abroad trying to help make a safer world in the only way that evil and terror understands; by force. I see the entire third world wanting to come here to benefit but hating us all the same. I see people becoming American citizens without knowing American history or even without knowing English. But I see us as a nation accomodating every single wish of peole, but people not contributing anything back, and not respecting our history.

THIS IS what goes on when you have ULTRA "LIBERALS" in charge. Obama is not an old fashioned intellectual QUAKER or even a Dr. KING. He's a new fangled progressive/radical who has studied LAW in order to change things in the US tradition to favor his personal ideas. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY. THIS IS ONE PARTY RULE. A BAD IDEA.
Norman Thomas, Socialist Party Candidate 1940 said something like, America will not accept Communism but will accept pieces of it called Liberalism until one day they wake up and their freedom is gone.
But you will not even know when that happens, having never known freedom.
Please don't stick us with Obama. He is not the Messiah. He is a very personally disturbed person and is working out his lifes' MISSION on the whole country. This is not a public servant but a demagogue and a true believer IN HIMSELF. He is scary and we need John McCain, the elder statesman who will know how to think independently and is capable of self criticism.

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