DEVELOPING : Krikorian Staff Quits With Two Months to Primary

Ring the bell! Renegade OH-02 Congressional candidate and (Independent Conservative Moderate Liberal) Democrat David Krikorian apparently will need someone new to drive his ice cream truck following a mass exodus of his campaign team over the weekend.

OhioDaily is trying to confirm two independent sources who claim Krikorian's staff - including campaign manager, communications director and a finance staffer - all left abruptly and without notice. We're confident enough in the sources to report this, but we're still chasing down the specifics including exact staffers and motivations.

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No Vested Interest

Krikorian is bad news for the Democrats of SW Ohio.
I have no idea what's going on in his campaign, but I'd never vote for him to represent me or the Democratic party in Congress. He's clearly taking advantage of the present vacuum in willing candidates to put his name out there.

I don't know much about "Chili", but he or even Jim Parker would better represent Dems than Krikorian.

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