DEVELOPING : Stunning Allegation About Jennifer Garrison Now Confirmed by Multiple Sources

As thirty-five state legislators pledged their support to Secretary of State candidate Jennifer Garrison, OhioDaily was receiving confirmation of an endorsement story of a different kind. A story that should send chills down the spines of progressives statewide.

Reliable sources in the camp of former Ohio Attorney General candidate Subodh Chandra have confirmed an accounting of a story OhioDaily received several weeks ago.

According to the sources, in the time leading up to the 2006 Democratic Primary, Chandra sought the support of State Representative Jennifer Garrison. The two had met only one time before - at a county dinner where Chandra sat with her at the same table. Chandra delivered a speech that was well-received and left the event very satisfied. Weeks later, Chandra and Garrison crossed paths at another fundraising event at a Columbus area bar. Still feeling confident from the earlier interaction, Chandra approached Garrison, exchanged greetings, and asked the Representative for an endorsement in the Attorney General primary.

Again, according to a very credible source, Garrsion took a step and a half back, looked Chandra up and down, and said "no one where I come from would ever vote for someone who looks like you." Garrison then turned and walked away, leaving Chandra stunned.

OhioDaily has been seeking comment from several people close to Chandra, but to this point, none is willing to speak on the record. However, there is some indication that this story is already picking up steam as we've now heard it told consistently from multiple, unrelated sources in the last couple of weeks. What happens next is anyone's guess, but this is unlikely to be the last word on this developing story.

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