Ed FitzGerald Speaks Out Agains GOP Assaults on Women

I know that a few months ago there was foot-dragging about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald among some women who assumed that, as an Irish-Catholic male, he might be inclined to oppose women's reproductive rights.

As Cuyahoga County executive, it wasn't an issue on which he had needed to take a position. Issues like abortion, access to contraception, and sex education aren't issues counties are tasked to deal with.

If there's any question about which candidate for governor is the only one women — and men who care about women — should even THINK about voting for, Ed has put that to rest.

He was one of many people/organizations to release a statement today about the assaults on women's health in the "budget" bill and the ghastly limitations on women's rights that is HB 200, introduced this week. And he minced no words.

He said,

Today we saw Ohio House Republicans introduce yet another attack on women's health, and it may be their most extreme yet. I wanted to share with you my response:

I’m appalled that Ohio Republicans are continuing their litany of outrageous attacks on women’s health and livelihood. A mandatory ultrasound law is nothing but a government intrusion into private, personal decision-making, coming from the party who pretends to stand for the opposite. These discussions belong only between a woman and her doctor.

“One thing is clear: these escalating attacks on women’s health and decisions demand a response—and Governor Kasich has been silent. The longer John Kasich stands idly by as these life-threatening attacks on women continue, the more unforgiveable it becomes.

“I’m running for governor because these cruel and unnecessary attacks on Ohio women must stop. I vow to stand up for Ohio women against these types of attacks which threaten their freedom and well-being.

"Cruel and unnecessary." Well said.

As Ed points out, the spineless vacuum that is John Kasich is now in full campaign mode, pretending he doesn't have opinions or positions on incendiary attacks like this, trying to squirm out of taking a stand.

Oh, he'll sign the bills if they come to him. After all, he's said he's "pro-life," inaccurate rightwing code for "anti-life" and "anti-woman." But he'll do so quickly and secretively and refuse to talk about them publicly except maybe to mutter something about how he had no choice.

But it's Ed who has the portfolio of real pro-life positions — positions like creating living-wage jobs so parents can provide for their children, expanding educational opportunities and restoring education funding so children have a future, providing better access to health care and other social services that can protect children from the ravages of poverty.

Few of the sanctimonious legislatures cosponsoring HB 200 have addressed these issues, but Ed has.

Ladies, our future depends on electing Ed FitzGerald. Get busy.


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