Efficiency of the private sector may have led to senior’s death

The private sector: it’s so glorious. It’s so efficient. It’s quick and nimble. In the private sector there are no ridiculous policies or “red tape.”

Uhmm… maybe not.

At a senior care facility in California a resident recently collapsed in the dining area. There was facility staff present, but instead of rushing in to try to save the resident, the staff dialed 911 and watched, because that’s what corporate policy dictated. Ironically, the person who called 911 is a nurse. The Huffington Post reports…

”A nurse’s refusal to give CPR to a dying 87-year-old woman at a California independent living home despite desperate pleas from a 911 dispatcher has prompted outrage and spawned a criminal investigation.”

It continues…

”The executive director of Glenwood Gardens, Jeffrey Toomer, defended the nurse in a written statement, saying she followed the facility’s policy.

“”In the event of a health emergency at this independent living community, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives,”” Toomer said. “”That is the protocol we followed.””

And finally there is this…

”I understand if your boss is telling you, you can’t do it,” the dispatcher said. “But … as a human being … you know, is there anybody that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?”

“Not at this time,” the nurse answered”


The Right will talk endlessly about the glories of the private sector. It’s why we have to sell so many of our public services to them. But in reality, that is such a lie. The private sector is nothing but institutions run by people. They are no more immune from ridiculous policies and “red tape” than any other institutions.

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