The Empty Suit: Heroic Underdog!!!

Here he comes to save the day!

Josh Mandel is now claiming he was the Ohio GOP's seventh choice to run against U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown last year.

But somehow, mysteriously, no one else wanted to do it, and whoooosh! here comes Josh 'The Empty Suit" Mandel stepping up to the plate to make a strenuous effort to save Ohio from being represented by someone who cares about regular working people and is actually working hard on their behalf.

It was entirely accidental he started having fundraisers about a month after being sworn in as state treasurer, two years before the election, and long before other candidates might have started exploring a run. It just happened that an exceptional amount of special interest big money was gravitating to Mandel. Wide-eyed little Joshie just never gave a thought to leapfrogging all the big names in his party and making a big push for an office he clearly wasn't qualified for. Not an ambitious bone in HIS body, nosiree.

According to Mandel, the party would have preferred former congressman Pat Tiberi, who was drawn out of a district; newly elected attorney general Mike DeWine who had previously lost the seat to Brown; lieutenant governor Mary "Who?" Taylor, newly elected secretary of state Jon Husted; former congressman Steve LaTourette who retired in January; and Ohio's mot radical right-wing congressman Jim Jordan, who would have pushed the Ohio party so far to the right it likely would have even increased President Obama's total here.

Current Ohio Republican Party chair Bob Bennett's response was "Josh said that? There was a consensus that Josh was the strongest candidate.”

Even Bennett knows that Josh has a distant relationship with the truth. So anything that comes out of his mouth should be taken with one of those giant piles of salt you see down by the Lake Erie waterfront. It's not a stretch to say he's the least honest politician Ohio has seen in many moons. No one has ever racked up the number of "false" and "pants on fire" ratings he did from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's PolitiFact column.

Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern told, "My second cousin is a Republican. I’m surprised he wasn’t on the list. Josh Mandel was a flawed candidate from the very beginning.”

Flawed human beings make flawed candidates. And Mandel showed us over and over again during the campaign that whatever his positions may have been (and it wasn't always clear because he disdainfully refused to share many of them), his lack of truthfulness, his arrogance, and the way he spread around baseless smear against his opponent made him unfit for office.

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