Get Lost Todd Portune

Todd Portune = idiot

Who is this guy? And who's putting him up to run for governor?

The Plain Dealer reports that he held a press conference today to announce his interest in running for governor as a Democrat. His main reason he gave for running... because his "friend" Eric Kearney was dropped from the ticket.

"But he told NEOMG he began having second thoughts when state Sen. Eric Kearney, a friend and fellow Cincinnatian, was dumped from the FitzGerald ticket. Kearney stepped aside over questions surrounding personal financial problems."

What kind of campaign platform is that? Vote for me, cause my buddy got dropped from the ticket.

It would be nice if he talk about his concerns regarding issues facing everyday Ohioans. But he can't, because it's obvious that's not why he's running.

It makes me think though, if Eric Kearney is such a good friend, and he thinks it was so wrong that he got dropped from the ticket, why doesn't Todd Portune pick him as a running mate?

...Well, it's probably because Todd Portune, is full of shit.

Todd Portune, stated at his press conference that he will travel the state in January to see if there's support for him. I'll put this as simple as possible - don't bother. There is no support for an opportunist piece of shit. Get lost.

Come on Derek...don't hold

Come on Derek...don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel about Todd Portune!

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