Good News for Ohio Women — for Now

We got this email from the Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus:

By now you may have heard that, thanks to all of your emails, phone calls, and non-stop protests, Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus has decided that H.B. 298 (which would effectively de-fund Planned Parenthood in Ohio) and H.B. 125 (the "heartbeat bill") will not be considered during the remainder of the current legislative session.

We were successful in making our voices heard. Our actions led to results. We can all breathe a sigh of relief -- for now. We must continue to watch Columbus very, very closely.

That last sentence is particularly accurate. It seems like it's impossible to overestimate how much our legislators in Columbus hate women and how far they will go and how much they will risk to manifest that hatred. They made a strong statement by convening only a week after the election — elections which unexpectedly ejected several candidates who had made outrageously anti-woman statements — to take up hearing these bills, which were emergencies by no stretch of the imagination.

Maybe they were appealing to their base. But the base that wants these extreme measures is rapidly shrinking. And the pro-choice base has grown and become more active and energized, thanks to these constant attacks on women.

In addition, the consistent rejection of sane, rational measures — such as access to affordable contraception — that actually WOULD reduce the number of abortions as well as others, such as strengthened access to maternity care that would improve the health of both mother and baby, has long since exposed as hypocrisy any claims these legislators might make about their concern for "unborn life."

What we've learned in the past year is what we've always suspected: there's no deep love of the "unborn" here, but rather contempt for women and fear of what might happen if they were allowed to make decisions for themselves that impact their lives rather than let the likes of state rep. Lynn Wachtmann make them.

Yes, women might be empowered; they might be better off economically; a larger percentage of children would be wanted children, born to mothers better able to take care of the economically and emotionally. And gee, wouldn't that just be awful?

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