GOTV = Desperate for Your Money!

In FisherWorld, that is. Today, the Fisher campaign sent out not one, but TWO e-mails begging for money to organize a GOTV effort. Both frantically flogged a supposed "deadline" at midnight tonight by which you had to send them money to enable them to do this GOTV.


Fund our voter outreach program!

With just seven days until the primary election, today is the last day we can effectively allocate resources for our Get Out The Vote operation.

Voter-to-voter contact is one of the best ways to win support and get people to the polls, so we need to give this everything we've got.

Just hours away from our deadline, we're only $7,620 away from our goal for our voter outreach operation.

Make a contribution of $5 now to help us mobilize all the voters we need to on primary day — one week from today!

Building this volunteer network will do more than help us win the primary election on May 4.

I'm making this a priority because that voter-to-voter network will stay in place and help us win the general election, too.

And we're going to need all the help we can get when we go up against Rob Portman and the millions he's raising from the very same companies he helped to offshore jobs as George W. Bush's trade representative.

Your contribution of $5, before our field operations funding deadline, will help us build this crucial network just in time for the primary and meet our budget goal. Contribute now.

BUILDING a volunteer network? This week? Hey Lee, isn't it a little late for that? Shouldn't you be sending out e-mails to energize and mobilize the volunteers you've ALREADY signed up? What is a donation six days before the election going to do to help you? You had five or six times the money Jennifer Brunner raised? Where is it? Why didn't you set some aside for GOTV, if it's so important (which it is)? Don't tell me you spent it all on TV ads! Maybe you need to learn to use your money more effectively. After all, if you win the primary, Portman will probably outraise yOU by 3 or 4 times. So learn fast.

Oh, and Lee? About that "voter-to-voter contact." We haven't seen YOU lately. Where have you been?

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