Guess Who's Driving GOP Vote Rigging Scheme?

On Friday, I wrote about the latest scheme the Republican Party is pushing in light of the failure of its voter suppression attempts last year. This scheme would award electoral votes by congressional districts — but only in certain heavily gerrymandered (to favor the GOP) swing states. This would have made Mitt Romney president now, despite losing by a ten times greater margin than George Bush lost to Al Gore in 2000.

Guess who is helping lead this effort for the GOP? I guess it's always good to go with proven experience. And when it comes to proven ability to corrupt an election, undermine its legitimacy, and thwart the will of the voters, few have the credentials of this man:


Yup — it's former Ohio secretary of voter suppress ... I mean STATE ... J. Kenneth Blackwell. Bet you haven't thought about HIM in a while! (Not so coincidentally, if you Google him, the first option that comes up in connection with his name is "voter suppression.")

According to The Atlantic

Republican legislators in several states have begun pushing to apportion electoral-college votes by congressional district, a move that has Democrats up in arms. ... But now a Republican operative has a plan to take the idea national.

Jordan Gehrke, a D.C.-based strategist who's worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, is teaming up with Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio Republican secretary of state, to raise money for an effort to propose similar electoral reforms in states across the country, he told me this week.

Gehrke and Blackwell have been talking to major donors and plan to send a fundraising email to grassroots conservatives early next week. The money would go toward promoting similar plans to apportion electoral votes by congressional district in states across the country, potentially even hiring lobbyists in state capitals.

Well, isn't that just swell?

Blackwell is the very definition of "shameless." This is the man who broke Ohio's 2004 presidential election, making this state a nationwide laughingstock with insufficient numbers of voting machines, broken machines, confusion about where to vote and lines to vote up to 12 hours long — all mysteriously only in urban areas or elect liberal college campuses. As the man in charge, all the chaos and the suspicion and conspiracy theories that ensued are laid at his doorstep. And afterward, he mocked people's concerns by putting out a release that announced that the "election ran smoothly and everyone who wanted to vote got to vote," a brazen lie.

He should be ashamed to weigh in on anything having to do with voting and elections. He should also be toxic to any organization or effort involving elections. The fact that he's involved in this particular effort reveals just how corrupt it is and how deeply rooted in anti-democratic impulses and the drive to rig elections.

Blackwell should be in prison for what he did in Ohio in 2004. His involvement in this scheme to rejigger how electoral votes are allocated tells you everything you need to know about it.

Keep the blowback coming!

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