Happy to Be Wrong!

I have been predicting for months that most of Ohio's newspapers — even the very conservative ones — could not dig down deep enough to endorse Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel. His campaign has been too evasive and empty of content, his ambition too naked, his neglect of his treasurer's job too obvious, his ads too nasty, his accusations against Senator Sherrod Brown too false.

I said the only exception would probably be the Cincinnati Enquirer, which seemed to lag behind all of Ohio's other newspaper in calling out Mandel for his weaselly ways.


"Brown dedicated to Ohio's needs, problems"


Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 after two terms as Ohio secretary of state and seven terms in the House of Representatives, Democrat Brown carries a reputation as a liberal.

A closer look reveals a leader who has taken a stand for Ohio workers, jobs and businesses. For his leadership and responsiveness to Ohio’s problems, Brown deserves another term in the Senate. ...

Brown’s gone to bat for jobs here and around the state. He voted for tax incentives for job-creating renewable energy projects and sponsored a bill to award competitive grants to industries to retrain workers.

There's much more, including this dismissal of Mandel and his disgraceful campaign:

Brown’s opponent, Mandel, would continue to practice the politics of divisiveness. His campaign has focused on tearing down his opponent, calling him everything from a “un-American” to “a liar.”Mandel’s slash-and-burn campaign has been heavily funded by out-of-state interests. In his public appearances in debates and at The Enquirer’s editorial board, he showed little depth on the issues beyond his rehearsed talking points. Mandel, frankly, is not ready to represent Ohio in the United States Senate.

THAT's a major understatement.

It's heartening to see so that so many of Ohio's editorial boards can look at two candidates and discern character, ethics, and compassion without the distortion of an ideological filter.

Enjoy it. It probably won't last — and it took a candidate as terrible as Mandel to bring it out.

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