Hey, Ohioans, THIS Is Who Is in Your State Legislature

Remember Andrew Brenner? The state representative from blood-red Delaware County, also home to Kris "Wife Beater" Jordan? Brenner is the guy who recently said that all public education is "socialism," and that its assets should be sold off to private interests and public education be abolished. It's clear education was abolished in his case, whether public or otherwise.

He's also married to infamous rightwing blogger/radio personality Sara Marie "Palin" Brenner, whose resemblance to a certain former half-term Alaska governor is probably not accidental.


Since you probably don't want to go down the rabbit hole of his personal blog, here's a DailyKos article about what he has allowed to be posted there:


Right. He's giving a forum to a wackjob fringe wingnut who thinks the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School was all a setup so the government could come TAKE THE GUNS. Never mind that the gun sellers/manufacturers lobby aka the NRA has managed to block even modest, rational gun control laws supported by a huge majority of Americans. And that nobody has made any move whatsoever to take their guns.

This person is apparently someone this elected "public servant" trusts enough to allow him to post whatever on his personal blog.

Now of course Brenner is all bent out of shape that he's being associated with a crazy idea (LOL).


Warning: that link does take you to Brenner's blog, which may cause your brain to explode.

Now Brenner is playing the injured and misunderstood victim — waaaaaah!

He's posted:

Due to some believing that the writer, Fred DeRuvo, was saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax, this story has been removed from Brenner Brief News. That was never his intent; however, too many are misreading the story to mean that Brenner Brief News and the Brenners believe Sandy Hook to be a hoax.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither Sara Marie Brenner nor Andrew Brenner believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Both have stated as such in the Comments section below the story, as well.

At Brenner Brief News, we allow writers to control their own content. The Brenners are not personally responsible for the content, and only Sara Marie is the only Brenner involved in the operations of the site.

Accusations by The Daily Kos and other outlets that this is “Andrew Brenner’s blog” are outrageously false.

Really? They're " outrageously false," yet he removed the offending post from what is clearly Andrew Brenner's blog, where he hasn't denied it was posted? How do we know we're "misreading" the story if it's gone? The Daily Kos article linked above has plenty of quotes, and just adding the word "if" here and there doesn't exonerate writer Fred "Obsessed with Guns" DeRuva from perpetuating a cruel and unsupported hoax.

Oh — about that thing where the Brenners are "not personally responsible" for the content of THEIR OWN BLOG.

Sorry, Andrew and SaraMarie, but YES YOU ARE. Here at Ohio Daily Blog, there are several other people who, although they don't post frequently, have front page privileges. And yes, they can pretty much post what they want, some of which I may disagree with as this blog's administrator. I don't vet their posts.

However, if one of them posted something like this, not only would I take it down but I would remove their front-page posting privileges instantly. But I know each of them and know what each is likely to post. Disagreeing about, say, whether Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern is an asset or a liability, as we have done, is not comparable to saying the shooting deaths of young children in Connecticut by an unbalanced man with automatic weapons was staged as anti-gun propaganda by the government.

When are we going to start electing a majority of sane people to our legislature? I know, I know, when we end the egregious gerrymandering. Andrew Brenner gives us yet another reason to do that.

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