Jim Jordan Gunning for Title "Ohio's Most Extreme Congressperson."


JIM JORDAN: He's all about "freedom"

Ok, so he's never actually ever been out of contention for the title. But these days he seems determined to hold off all competition. If there's a group of heartless dead-enders opposing some civilized and humane legislation, you're almost certain to find Jordan's name on the list. He was one of three Ohio Republicans to oppose aid to those devastated by Hurricane Sandy (I previously forgot newcomer Brad Wenstrup who primaried Jean Schmidt), all from southwest Ohio.

Then there's this:


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) says that gun buyers should face background checks for concealed carry handgun permits but not assault rifles because "it's about freedom."

Huh? Oh right, he's crazy.

"We've got to remember the Second Amendment is about freedom," Jordan opined. "And that's what we've got to focus on as we move forward. If there's ways outside of this [background check proposal] that we can help address the situation, fine. But we've got to remember it's about freedom. And, frankly, you've got to remember that bad guys aren't stupid, they're just bad."

Well, Jim, "bad guys" is a really loose description. If you base it on behavior, then I guess you've got to wait until 26 first graders are killed. If you base it on the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and policies espoused by an individual, then Jim, you are going to be added to a lot of people's lists of "bad guys."

Actually, Jim does a lot of double-talking here, so it's kinda hard to tell exactly what, if any, limitations he supports on gun ownership. My guess is probably, ideally, none because it's about FREEDOM, dammit — at least in the woefully degraded way that teabaggers like Jordan use it.

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