Jim Renacci goes racist

WKYC has reported on a mailer Jim Renacci sent that is demeaning to Asian Americans. It’s supposed to attack Betty Sutton (who Jim Renacci is running against), but instead it slams Asian Americans with a disgusting caricature and wording that does nothing but stereotype Asians. The community is upset and is speaking out against it. Following is a link to the story, check it out, and then let everyone know not to vote for this racist.


Well, isn't THAT nice?

What — he couldn't find an Asian actress to talk with a fake "Chinese" accent? Oh, he must not be trying hard enough. What is it with today's GOP? They just never seem to run out of categories of people to mock/demonize as "not like us."

Never mind that the entire concept is a lie. It's the policies of Renacci that outsource jobs, while Betty Sutton had advocated for fairer trade policies and a level playing field.

Renacci is scum. I hope the voters of the 16th district recognize this.

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