Jim Renacci Pulls Ads Off Broadcast TV


This one’s a headscratcher:…

Congressman Jim Renacci (R-16) is running against fellow incumbent (and outstanding progressive voice for regular working people) Betty Sutton, since her district was eliminated by Republican mapmakers. It seems like the race is too close to call.

So what does Renacci do? He cancels his broadcast TV ads to go after “targeted groups” on cable TV.

His spokesman told the Plain Dealer,

A lot of voters hate the ads and are tuning it out right now. We had to adapt to the environment and be strategic about how and when we are talking to voters.

Why would cable viewers be any less likely to tune out? And what does he mean by “targeted”? It seems like in a race this close, you’d want to cast a wider net. Plus, if you had a nice, upbeat ad, why would anyone “hate” it? Trouble is, Republicans aren’t usually very nice and don’t have an upbeat worldview.

It’s not that Renacci is out of money. He’s rich and he has deep-pockets supporters. He’s made of money. So I actually have no idea what this means.

But I do know that Teabaggin’ Jim Renacci is your typical greed-driven Republican, kowtowing to the ultra-wealthy and the desires of the 1%. Betty Sutton, meanwhile, has been a tireless fighter for ordinary people, such as auto workers; her signature bill is Cash for Clunkers.

If you’d like to help Betty, go here: