Joe Vardon, John Kasich's hitman ... Wait; he's a reporter?!

Interesting post at Plunderbund about Joe Vardon who is a politics "reporter" (or is he a banker?) for the Columbus Dispatch.

"Joe Vardon, the Columbus Dispatch’s politics and government writer, turned up at a news conference Wednesday following Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald’s luncheon speech at the Quaker Square Inn. Actually, it wasn’t so much a news conference as we have come to know them. With notebook and pencil in hand, Vardon turned it into an inquisition of the candidate regarding questions raised by the other side of the Cuyahoga County inspector general who has been accused of doing campaign work on public time."

Nice to know what an unbiased guy Joe is. Please visit for the complete article. And thanks Plunderbund for writing it. It's a sad day when the reporter becomes the story.

After I wrote this

After I wrote this post Joe Vardon changed the photo of him on his Twitter page. I found it funny. It's appropriate Joe wants to look like a banker given who he works for. It would be nice if he would, you know, want to look like a reporter...

Abe rocks!

Thanks for the link, Derek.

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