John Kasich seems to say, you can never retire

John Kasich apparently gave a speech to the Ohio AARP. It was covered by the Plain Dealer and based on their writing nothing he said made sense or seemed connected with reality. I think a very real headline for the article could have been: Theocratic Nutcase Spends Time Blurting Out Whatever Comes Into His Head. Seriously.

According to their report he started with...

"""We want to be able to communicate to all of our seniors that you can be such a great participant in improving our culture, for everyone,""

He never really says how he thinks seniors can kept participating in society. One would think that he was talking about volunteerism, but as the speech goes on it sounds like what he's really getting at is that you can never retire. Of course with the Plain Dealer (or Pain Dealer), reporting the reporter doesn't see the vagueness, so we never get a clarification, just a transition to this...

""We want to . . . convince our seniors to fight to be healthy,"" Kasich said."

And then Kasich rolls out this...

"And the state, he said, has a role in encouraging health and fitness to promote a healthier work force, better manage health costs and give people roles in society."


Doesn't this go against every bit of the Republican's "nanny-state" stay out of my life babble?

"better manage health costs"?

Like Obamacare? Universal health care coverage?

"give people roles in society"?

Does this guy know who he is or what party he belongs to?

And then there's this from his director at the Ohio Department of Aging, Bonnie Kantor-Burman...

"The view used to be "as we get older, we get frail," Kantor-Burman said. "Now we know that's not happening."

Really? While I'll admit we can say healthier longer, I'm pretty sure the human body does naturally breakdown. I'm positive based on caring for grand-parents that the digestive system slows down, the immune system weakens and no matter how much exercise or eating right we do; we become weaker as a result.

Of course it wouldn't be a John Kasich speech without him telling us God's opinion on the matter. Cause John Kasich knows this stuff - God loves him better. ...Or something. He's quoted...

""I don't think God created a retirement program. I think the Lord wants us to serve humanity," Kasich said."

Sure. You know, there is that whole Matthew 11 part about "Come to Me and Rest." But let's not go there.

Kasich finishes with...

"Some people will have physical limitations, he said. But in a world with computers and the Internet, "it's amazing the difference some people can make."

This seems to imply his whole imputes for this is to keep people working - never retire. Actually, I'm positive that's his whole point to all of this, and with that I'll just say, what a dick.

Entire article can be found here:

Well, pretty much every Kasich speech

is free-associative nonsense that's impossible to follow.

He'll try to make this an asset in his campaign by being slippery and hard to nail down on any position. I hope that Ed FitzGerald will corner him on his stances and won't let him slither off the hook.

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