Jon Husted's voter fraud investigation: Shouldn't he have reported himself?

Well this is just hilarious: and sad.

Jon Husted, Ohio's illustrious Secretary of State decided to do a voter fraud investigation following the 2012 Presidential election. In his very serious investigation he concentrated on...

"County boards of elections have referred voters to local law enforcement for double voting, voting for other people (including for those who had passed away before Election Day) and for voting from an address from which they were not eligible."


Let me highlight part of a sentence here...

"and for voting from an address from which they were not eligible."

Jon, buddy... that's you.

To refresh people's memories, back in 2009 Jon Husted was at the center of a residency controversy. Essentially, Husted was living in one city (Upper Arlington), but had his voter registration and residency declared in another (Kettering). He was also technically the state senator for the area he was not living in. There was an investigation by the local board of elections and the evidence against him was overwhelming. From pulled water meter records that showed no usage, to neighbors who stated they never saw him, it was clear Jon Husted was not living at his Kettering residence. During the investigation, Jon Husted, gave some of the strangest quotes to explain his situation; like this...

"Husted, a candidate for Ohio secretary of state, has said the demands of his job in the State Legislature keep him in Columbus so he sometimes lives with his wife and kids in her Upper Arlington home. But he said his legal residence is in Kettering, where he intends to return when his term in public office ends."


He sometimes lives with his wife and kids? This is guy who touts family values and he says he sometimes sees his wife and kids?

The end result was that Jon Husted was found guilty of fraud. The determination was made by then Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, because the board of elections investigating him deadlocked. (The board's investigation was made up of two Republicans and two Democrats)

Upon finding Husted guilty his voter registration was ordered to be cancelled in the county he did not live in (Montgomery). Husted eventually appealed the decision to the Ohio Supreme Court. At that time the court was all Republican and they bailed him out by overturning her decision. They essentially said his word was more important than evidence.

But really, on what grounds does Jon Husted, stand on to point the finger about fraud charges? Is this not the ultimate example of "do as I say and not as I do." If you're someone who is being investigated by Jon Husted, why should you be forth-right and honest? Why should you ever admit to any of the facts? Jon Husted, never had to. He's the Ohio Secretary of State now.

One other caveat, Jon Husted, sold his Kettering home after he got elected Secretary of State. So his statement that he intended to return to that home at some point was a flat out lie.

"Flat Out Lie"?

You are accusing our wonderful secretary of state of a "flat out lie"? Tsk tsk.

Seriously, this particular case of voter fraud could not be more obvious. Husted, send yourself to jail!

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