Josh Mandel Continues to Reveal Why He's Not Qualified to Be Senator

Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel continues to act like OUR U.S. Senate seat is some kind of gee-gaw he can bribe us to give him. He sure doesn't understand the importance of being someone who is well-informed about important issues facing the people he'd be representing if we didn't all band together and re-elect Senator Sherrod Brown.

Recall that a few months back, his spokesperson said, when pressed on where Josh stood on an issue, "“We don't pretend to cast votes on all these different pieces of legislation going through Washington. You know, we leave that to Sherrod Brown and the other career politicians.”

Apparently, we DO pretend not to have a position so we can conceal our real positions from the voters. Or maybe the voters are just too unimportant to share our views with.

Then just last week, there was this:

I warn you. Before you read it, sit down, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to be completely puzzled, as it seems like the Youngstown Vindicator writer likely was.

Try to work your way through this one:

Josh Mandel doesn't think the auto industry bailout worked because "some people are still out of work."

But "I'm not saying the bailout didn't work."

But he "respectfully disagreed" that it saved the auto industry.

AND! he's developing his OWN plan to save the auto industry — which is booming! (Hey Joshie, I thought you Republicans didn't believe in government meddling with private business.)

As the Vindicator points out,

GM earned its largest profit ever in 2011, two years after the bailout. GM, with a complex in Lordstown that builds the Chevrolet Cruze, made a $7.6 billion profit last year. It received $49.5 billion of the bailout money.

Naturally, Joshie didn't share the details of how he planned to "rescue" an industry that just made record profits.

Here's why (my guess, but I'll bet you 100-1 it's accurate): HE DOESN'T HAVE ONE.

I guess he leaves that to "Sherrod Brown and the other career politicians." (Let me remind you that Mandel is also a career politician but one without a record of accomplishment.)

Brown's spokesperson nailed it when he told the Vindcator,

Mandel’s claim to be putting together a plan to rescue the industry is a laughably candid example of how completely clueless he is as to what’s going on with Ohio’s middle class and how he’ll say anything to get elected.

I probably would have gone on to say that Mandel seems completely clueless about pretty much anything, except sucking up to rich people to raise money.

You have to read the whole article, as the hilarity keeps increasing. You'll find yourself saying, "THIS guy is running for U.S. Senate???!!?"

Like, for instance, why did he not announce a Senate race he's been running for over a year until five days before the primary? His laughable reason:

He said he waited because he wanted to “clean up the treasurer’s office,” something he said he did this week.

Really? I guess he didn't do it LAST week because that was when he was missing his 14th straight Board of Deposit meeting. In fact, there was nothing to "clean up" because the office was functioning smoothly under previous treasurer Kevin Boyce, and Mandel's STAFF has apparently maintained the status quo. Mandel's been too busy fundraising for his Senate race during office hours, on the taxpayers' dime.

Ohio has had its share of embarrassing political moments in the last decade, ranging from the Coingate and Congressman Bob Ney going to prison to the Cuyahoga County corruption scandals, to the overreach of Gov. John Kasich and the repeal of his beloved SB 5. Let's not embarrass ourselves more by sending an Empty Suit to the U.S. Senate.

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