Josh Mandel, Dutiful Puppet for Big Fossil Fuel, Speaks!

And isn't this special:

Mandel speaks to his masters, addressing the Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership.

Please know that as treasurer of the state, as the CFO of the state, I’m doing everything I can to create a better environment, a strong environment, for oil and gas exploration, and in my mind that means getting government out of the way.

In other words, screw the environment, screw the citizens of the state and let Joshie's corporate puppet master stomp all over us.

According to the Canton Repository, Mandel spewed lies like, well, like Josh Mandel! Said the paper,

Drilling will create jobs in some of the poorest parts of the state, provide money for education and fire and police protection, ensure sound state finances and improve national security by reducing dependence on foreign energy, he said.

Of course, that's mostly hooey from beginning to end.

Mandel also said,

I personally believe this could be one of the biggest upside potentials for the state of Ohio, not just in decades, but in generations, if we approach it in a responsible way that protects the air we breath, the water we drink and the environment for our kids and grand kids.

Apparently all this responsibility will come from the good hearts of corporations who ONLY interest is maximizing profit, since Mandel wants to eliminate regulation of the industry.

Now Mandel doesn't need to announce such right-wing corporatist, anti-citizen positions ahead of what is such to be a heated race to keep his treasurers job (which he really isn't even into) next year. But I guess when your masters give the orders, you speak. And Mandel can't help putting himself on the wrong side of everything, whether it's urging the legislature to reject Medicaid expansion, opposing women's rights, or attacking worker pensions.

Gee, I wonder if there's any connection to this:

Among the "top sectors" who donated to Mandel:

Energy/Nat Resource: $562,803.00

Nah, can't be ...

To be fair to Mandel

much of that $562,803.00 did not come from the gas and oil industries but from Big Coal. Josh is Big Coal's bitch.

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