Judge O'Neill Files Suit To Be On Ballot

Judge William Michael O'Neill has filed suit in the Supreme Court of Ohio seeking an Order to the Secretatry of State to place his name on the ballot. The suit also named 10 county Boards of Elections requiring them to correct the tally in the count of signatures on Judge O'Neill's petitions to run for Supreme Court Justice.

The O'Neill campaign filed 1197 signatures on the petitions. The law requires 1,000 valid voters on a statewide petition The signatures came from 15 different counties, and at the end of the count, only 993 had been counted as valid. That is simply wrong. O'Neill has enlisted the services of former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner as his lawyer.

This is a symptom of the disease known as the Ohio General Assembly. They took so long determining what lines to draw for Congress; whether there would be two or one primaries; May versus March. etc. It was totally unfair to the Boards of Elections. They ended up counting signatures two days after Christmas.

The bottom line is when you don't give people time to do their job properly, mistakes happen. We will prevail It is unfortunate we had to file suit in the Supreme Court to get on the ballot for Supreme Court....but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

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