Judge O'Neill Needs To Get A New Name

HERE I WAS THINKING that a race for the Supreme Court of Ohio would be an exercise in expressing high thoughts and asking the voters to look at my qualifications. You know, like ten years sitting on the second highest court in the State. No. At the Plain Dealer endorsement interview last week, my opponent, the traffic court Judge from Cincinnati...told the editors that he is of the opinion it is immproper for Judge O'Neill to call himself Judge O'Neill. His words. Wow. It started in Columbus last week when he addressed me as Mr. O'Neill in front of a group of people. You should have seen their faces. The fact that I am a retired Judge and that the Ohio Supreme Court sends correspondence to my home addressed to Judge Willam O'Neill apparently isn't plain enough. Here we go with Deja Vu all over again. Letter arrived from Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio today informing me that once again an opponent's minions (from Delaware county no less) have filed a complaint against me. They might want to review history. This did not work too terribly well in 2006 when I won the primary by a 20% margin. Oh Well, maybe we can run a high level campaign centered on real issues in the General Election after I win the primary.See More

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