The Kasich Budget at Work

The man can bluster until he's blue in the face about saving taxpayers money — but he's doing the opposite. He's devastating local services unless residents want to pay more out of the own pockets. And those increases are many times more than what any state income tax cut is likely to save them.

This article outlines some of the negative impacts the last Kasich budget has already had on communities, with more to come (The estate tax elimination hasn't kicked in yet). And this is BEFORE he slashes state income with his proposed income tax cut. Who's hide do you think he's going to take that out of? Not his buddies and cronies, that's for sure.

Kasich has already wrecked havoc with my budget thanks to the enormous tax increase he made necessary — with more to come.

Thanks, John Kasich — the biggest tax increaser in recent Ohio history.

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