Last Hurrah for the Draft Gore Movement

Yesterday the folks at published a full page open letter in the New York Times, begging former vice president Al Gore (D-TN) to enter the presdential fray:

Mr. Vice President, there are times for politicians and times for heroes. America and the Earth need a hero right now -- someone who will transcend politics as usual and bring real hope to our country and to the world.

CBS News has just posted this story, speculating about whether Gore might jump in if he wins the Nobel Peace Prize to be announced tomorrow in Oslo, Norway:

"Winning a Nobel Peace Prize is a life changing event," said Dylan Malone, who runs a Web site called, which advocates a Gore presidential run. "If he wins (the Nobel), he will undoubtedly reassess the situation and think, 'Where do I go next?' He's done the slideshow, made the movie, won every accolade that our society has to give. There's nowhere else to go to take it to the next level in my mind."

However, if Gore's going to do it, he must act quickly or he will lose his chance. Chris Bowers explained Tuesday on Open Left that Gore only has about two weeks before registration deadlines for primaries slam his window of opportunity shut (quoting from a Newsweek item):

And any "Shermanesque" decision from Gore will come between now and two weeks from today, October 23rd:
Even most diehard Gore supporters agree the next few weeks are do-or-die for a Gore candidacy. The New York state petition drive must gather 5,000 signatures during a short legal window between Halloween and early December. Gore supporters in Michigan launched a petition drive last week that must secure 12,396 valid signatures by Oct. 23-and a signed candidate affidavit from Gore himself-to place his name on next year's primary ballot. (Gore backers there draw hope from an Aug. 14 Detroit News/WXYZ-TV statewide poll of 400 likely Democratic voters in which Gore had 36 percent, beating Hillary Clinton, who had 32 percent, and the rest of the field.)

If Gore won't sign that affidavit, it will mean, for 100% certain, that he will not run in 2008. If he will reject the volunteer work of hundreds of dedicated supporters who are trying to place him on the ballot for the third state in the primary / caucus season (which also happens to be a state where he actually leads), then he will never run in 2008.

So, time is running out, and in about twelve days we will know one way or the other.

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